Quick Info

When: 11-13 December 2015
Where: Macquarie Uni
Cost: $5/session ($2 MURPS members) unless otherwise stated

Session times and costs

Each session will run in 3-hour slots, with Pathfinder running in 5-hour slots. There will also be a Magic the Gathering TCG Tournament taking place on Sunday, as well as access to a free Board Games Library all day, everyday.

Registration for games will start at 8am each day.

Sessions cost $5 ($2 for MURPS members), except for the Magic The Gathering Tournament, which costs $25 ($20 for MURPS members) and the board games area, which is free.  


Food and Drink at Macquarie University: 

Part of the conditions of being able to use the Macquarie University classrooms to run MacCon is that we obey Macquarie University's rules about consuming food and drinks inside their classrooms.  Consuming anything other than water inside the classrooms at Macquarie University is prohibited.  

Macquarie University does have a food court on campus, as well as a cafe at the Library.  The food court will not be open on the Saturday, but the Library cafe will be. On Sunday no eateries will be open on campus.  Macquarie Center is a short walk from Macquarie University, and contains a food court, restaurants and supermarkets.  There is a convieniently located picnic area immediately outside W5C, and in the event of rain we will create some undercover areas for people to eat and drink.  

We will be making pizza runs to Pizza Hut for lunch on the Saturday and Sunday of the convention for your convienience.  
Please order and pay by 10am on the day.
Price:  $5 per large pizza.  

You may select from the following toppings:
Pepperoni Feast (Pepperoni & Mozzarella)
Aussie BBQ Beef (Beef, Mozzarella with bbq sauce)
Loaded Ham (ham and cheese)
Big Cheese  (cheese)
or Margaritaville.  (diced tomato, cheese, oregano and garlic)

Prizegiving / Afterparty

Prizegiving occurs at 4.30pm on the Sunday.  If the weather is suitable, it will occur outside.  Otherwise, it will occur in W5C220. 

After prize giving, the convention organisers invite you to attend The Ranch Hotel ( Epping Rd & Herring Rd, North Ryde NSW 2122) with them to socialise and share gaming anecdotes from the convention -- and to sign up to run games at the various conventions across Sydney and MacCon2016!  For more information about The Ranch Hotel, including menus, please see: http://www.theranch.com.au/