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When: 11-13 December 2015
Where: Macquarie Uni
Cost: $5/session ($2 MURPS members) unless otherwise stated

Game and Events

We're still building up our list games and events. Keep checking back here for more information

Sci Fi
The SprawlJake NelsonFiasco
Doctor Who: Companions In Time (part 1)Matt KershawAITAS RPG
Doctor Who: Doctor Who: The Great Interstellar FairMatt KershawAITAS RPG
Doctor Who: Companions In Time (part 2)Matt KershawAITAS RPG
Die With HonourSalvatore Conti 3.5 and 5th Edition D&D
The Hidden DepthsGrant FigginsPathfinder
Wizard TowerLiam CookD6 Fantasy
Pathfinder Society
Pathfinder SocietyPathfinder SocietyPathfinder
Magic The Gathering TCG Tournament Wizards of the CoastMagic The Gathering
Free Board Games!MURPSBoard Games
Pizza LunchMURPSLunchtime
Learn to Play Magic: the Gathering TCG, for free!Doug TildenMagic: the Gathering TCG
Crouching Driver, Hidden MadmanBen CarpentierFeng Shui
Only GothamMichael HerbertOnly War Mod
Scooby Doo and the Case of Robert SuydamJack LesnieStorytelling System
The Haul of Your DreamsCarl PurcellSavage Worlds
The Fellowship of the White Star
The Fellowship of the White Star is a Living Campaign set in semi-historic Edwardian earth 1905-1914, with a horror atmosphere that is hidden from the view of the common people. Magic and Evil still exist, but so do the Heroes willing to fight it. Pregenerated characters are available, or you can create your own <http://www.fellowshipwhitestar.com/files/Character_Creation_Document_1.2_PDF_version.pdf>  that can be used to battle evil in games in the future and around the world.  Rules are a version of DnD 3.5 <http://www.d20srd.org/> , modified by the Fellowship of the White Star <http://www.fellowshipwhitestar.com/store.html> rules published by Thenodrin Presents <http://www.fellowshipwhitestar.com/index.html>.  This campaign could be considered the spiritual successor to the completed Masque of the Red Death campaign.
Do You Hear What I Hear (FWS B411)Victor LongFellowship of the White Star
Enlighten Me (FWS B403)Brian MartinFellowship of the White Star