Quick Info

When: 6-8 December 2013
Where: Macquarie Uni
Cost: $5/session

Welcome to MacquarieCon 2014!

MacquarieCon is a roleplaying convention run by the Macquarie University Roleplaying Society (MURPS). It runs each year in the second weekend of December at Macquarie University.

The main purpose of the convention is for roleplayers to play prepared games in 3-hour sessions. A variety of game genres are available, including regular table-tops (such as D&D), ongoing campaigns (such as those organised by the RPGA), and freeforms (live-action games).

Players generally play in teams of five, though there is room for smaller groups, and freeforms generally run with at least ten.

This year with Macquarie University pushing back its university schedule, situates MacCon in a very busy part of the year! And not to mention one of the merriest! 

This year, the Convention will be running from the 12th of December (Friday) to the 14th (Sunday). So if you get a chance or a break from your Christmas Shopping, then please do make your way down to Macquarie University and give us a call!